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Tantalum Capacitors

Electrolytic capacitors with an anode terminal made of tantalum, covered by a layer of dielectric, surrounded by a conductive cathode

Tantalum capacitors are a subtype of electrolytic capacitors. They are made of tantalum metal which acts as the anode and are covered by a layer of oxide which acts as the dielectric. The use of tantalum allows for a very thin dielectric layer. This results in a higher capacitance value per volume, superior frequency characteristics compared to many other types of capacitors, and excellent stability over time.

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Cap Tant Solid 10uF 20V A CASE 20%( 3.2 X 1.6 X 1.6mm) Inward L SMD 3216-18 3.5 Ohm 125C T/R



Tantalum 3000UF 50V 10% CASE E, ESR: 500mOhms, Axial

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