Torex Semiconductor

Founded in Okayama Japan in 1995, Torex Semiconductor Ltd. is a specialist in analog power supply integrated circuit design and the performance of their products has a reputation for excellence around the world. Their DC/DC converters and voltage regulators feature "Green Operation", a function that controls the IC's own power consumption in response to the operating conditions of the application.Power supply ICs are miniature transformers used internally in electronics. Torex power ICs are used across a vast range of products, from familiar mobile devices such as smartphones, digital cameras and computers, to in-vehicle systems such as car navigation, ETC in-vehicle devices and power windows, and even industrial equipment such as robots.

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XBP14E5UFN Transient Voltage Suppressor

Torex Semiconductor offers the XBP14E5UFN transient voltage suppressor. The XBP14E5UFN is mounted in close proximity to an external interface, designed to protect downstream ICs from electrostatic discharge. Supporting high-speed signal lines with a low pin capacitance, the XBP14E5UFN is designed for protection of USB 3.0 and HDMI, among other lines.

XCL101 Series DC DC Converter

The XCL101 series is a step-up micro DC/DC converter with integrated coil in an ultra-small CL-2025 package (dimensions: 2.5 mm x 2.0 mm x h1.0 mm). A stable and efficient power supply circuit can be configured by simply adding only two ceramic capacitors externally thereby contributing to PCB space saving and the shortening of development time. Integration of the coil simplifies the board layout and minimizes any unwanted radiated noise.

XC9261 Series Step-Down DC/DC Converters

Torex’s XC9261 series is a group of synchronous-rectification-type DC/DC converters with a built-in P-channel MOS driver transistor and N-channel MOS switching transistor, designed to allow the use of ceramic capacitors. Output voltage is internally set in a range from 0.8 V to 3.6 V (accuracy: ±2.0%) in increments of 0.05 V. The device provides a high efficiency, stable power supply with an output current of 1.5 A to be configured using only a coil and two capacitors connected externally. Oscillation frequency is set to 1.2 MHz, or 3.0 MHz can be selected for suiting to your particular application.

XC6504 Series Small Voltage Regulators

The XC6504 series from Torex has an internal phase-compensation circuit that makes it possible to obtain a stable output voltage without the need of an output capacitor CL. This is because the output capacitance CL is used for phase-compensation and if there is no CL, the IC becomes unable to perform phase-compensation, and abnormal oscillation occurs in the output. The XC6504 series can be used without any limitations due to the capacitor. The operation is also stable if an output capacitance is temporarily connected, and even in cases where a bypass capacitor is connected to an IC on the load side.

XCL209 Series DC/DC Converters

Torex Semiconductor’s XCL209 series is a synchronous step-down micro DC-DC converter which integrates an inductor and a control IC in one tiny package (2.5 mm × 2.15 mm, h=1.05 mm). A stable power supply with an output current of 400 mA is configured using only two capacitors connected externally. Soft start and on/off functions with CL discharge are provided, and the IC can be put in the standby state by inputting a Low level signal into the CE pin.

XCL201/XCL202 Series

Torex Semiconductor’s XCL201/XCL201 series is a synchronous step-down micro DC/DC converter which integrates an inductor and a control IC in one tiny package. A stable power supply with an output current of 400 mA is configured using only two capacitors, connected externally. Operating voltage range is from 2.0 V to 6.0 V.  The series provides short-time turn-on by the soft start function, internally set in 0.25 ms (TYP). The series integrates CL auto-discharge function, enabling the electric charge stored at the output capacitor CL to be discharged via the internal auto-discharge switch located between the LX and VSS pins. When the devices enter stand-by mode, output voltage quickly returns to the VSS level as a result of this function.