Semiconductors: Leaded and SMD

Integrated CircuitsLinear, CMOS, Analog, Micro Controllers, Microprocessors, Memory, IGBT Drivers, DC/DC Converters.
TransistorsBJT, MOSFET, IGBT Discrete, IGBT Modules, IPM,PIM
DiodesBridge Rectifier Diodes, Fast Response Rectifier Diodes, High Voltage Rectifier Diodes, Power TVS Products,Schottky Rectifier diodes, Power, Switching Diodes, Zener Diodes, Steering Diode Arrays, TVS Diodes, TVS Diode Arrays, Ultra-Fast Responsive Diodes.
DisplaysAlphanumeric, LED, LCD.

Passives: Leaded and SMD

CapacitorsCeramic Disc, Multilayer, Film, Niobium Oxide, IGBT Snubber, Electrolytic, Tantalum, Polymer, and Power/Chip film, Super Capacitors.
Resistive products – Carbon film, Metal film, Wire wound, Fusible, Chip Resistor Arrays, Chip Resistors, Current Sense, Pulse Power Resistors, High Power Resistors, RF Power Resistors, Resistor Networks, Resistor Capacitor Networks.
Circuit ProtectionChip Guard ESD Suppressors, Gas Discharge Tubes (GDT), Hybrid Protectors, LED Shunt Protectors, Line Protection Modules, Mini Breakers (Miniature thermal Cut Off Devices), Resettable Fuses, Non Resettable Fuses, PTC Fuses, Signal and Data Line Surge Protection Devices, Metal Oxide Varistors (MOV), Power TVS Products, Thin Film Chip Fuses, High Speed Protectors, Thyristor Surge Protectors, Telefuse- Telecom Surge Protectors, AC and DC Surge Protective Devices.
Timing DevicesCrystals, Oscillators, TCXO, and Resonators.
Potentiometer s- Trimpot- Trimming Potentiometers (Single Turn and Multiturn), Turn Counting Dials, Linear Motion Potentiometers, Precision Pots Multiturn, Precision Pots Single Turn, Slide Potentiometers, Tools/Hardware.
Magnetic ProductsChip Beads, Chip Inductors, Common Mode Chokes, Filters, Through Hole Toroid Inductors, Through Hole RF Chokes, Through Hole Ferrite Beads/ EMI Filters, Transformers- ISDN, LAN, Line Matching, Power Inductors.
Position SensorsContacting Multiturn, Contacting Single Turn, Contacting Linear Motion, Non Contacting Single Turn, Non Contacting Multiturn.
Others-RF/Microwave, Broadband components, Thermistors.

Automation & Control:

Motion & DrivesServo Drives & VFD.
HMI (Terminals & Industrial PC)HMI Configuration software, Human Machine Interface Controllers, Industrial PC & Display, Small & Advanced Panels.
ControlAll Pushbuttons, Switches, Pilot Lights, Control Stations, Safety Switches, Limit Switches.
Signalling UnitsModular Tower Lights, Monolithic Tower Lights, Rotating Beacons & Sound Solutions.
Contactors & Protection RelaysContactors & Reversing Contactors, Electronic Over Current Relays, Electronic Thermal Overload Relays, Modular Contactors, Motor Management System, Thermistor Protection Units.
Sensor & RFID Systems – Pressure Sensors, Proximity & Presence Sensors, Safety Detectors, Traceability & Access Control.
Measurement & Control RelaysAutomation Relays & Interface Relays.
Power SuppliesGeneral Power Supplies.
Power Circuit Breakers & SwitchesElectrical Distribution Switches, Motor Circuit Breaker & Switches.
Rotary EncodersAbsolute Rotary, Sin/Cos Rotary, Incremental Rotary, Resolvers.
RelaysIndustrial, Telecommunication / Signal, power, Safety and Automotive Relays
CountersTotalizing, Preset, Multi-functional, Time, Tachometers, Position Displays, Proximity Switches.
SwitchesRotary, Micro, Slide, Pushbutton, Rocker / Paddle, Key lock, Industrial Controls, Push wheel, Toggle.

Cooling Fans:

FansDC Fans, Blowers, AC fans, Cooler, Vibration Motors, Accessories.


Board/Wire to Board ConnectorsHigh Speed Mezzanine, Storage Connectors, Board to Board Connectors, Wire to Board Connectors, Wire to Wire Connectors, Memory Module Sockets, Card Edge Connectors, IC Sockets.
Power Solutions – Power Supply Connectors, Card Edge Power Connectors, Backplane Power, Busbar Connectors, Power Cable I/O Connectors, Busbar Power Distribution.
Input Output ConnectorsEXAMAX I/O and Cable Assemblies, High Speed Backplane I/O, Outdoor I/O, QFSP Connectors, SFP Connectors, Mini-SAS HD Connectors, USB Connectors, HDMI, D-Sub, Memory & Media Card Sockets, Modular Jack Connectors, Industrial Mini I/O Connectors.
RF ProductsAntennas, Fiber Optics, Microwave Components, Multipin Connectors, RF Cable Assembly, Coaxial Connectors, RF& Microwave Switches, Space Qualified Components, Multipin Industrial Components.
Optical InterconnectOptical Transceiver, Active Optical Cables, Optical Couplers, Fiber Optic Cable Assemblies.
Terminal BlocksPCB Terminal Blocks, Din Rail Terminal Blocks.
OthersFlex Connectors, Electronic Housings
IndustryConnectors for industrial applications and instrumentation, Military and Aerospace, Medical & LED type, Automotive Industry, Consumer Products.

Miscellaneous Components:

Panel AccessoriesPower Entry Components, Power Cords, Plugs and Sockets, Fuse Holders, Terminals, Indicators, Knobs and Accessories.
MetersDigital Millimeters and Insulation Testers.
EnclosuresHandheld Enclosures, Suspension Arm, Wall Mount, IP65 & IP66, Extruded Aluminium, Plastic, Flush Panel, DIN Rail, Desktop & Keypad, Table-top/Instrument, Universal, Potting Boxes, Tuning Knobs, Modification & Bespoke Enclosures.