An amalgamation of three different companies, ebm, PAPST and mvl, ebmPapst represents the best in German engineering and R&D. With about 10,000 employees in Germany alone, ebmPapst has grown to become the largest manufacturer of fans, blowers and motors in the world. With its core competencies in motor technology, aerodynamics and electronics, they are able to offer the broadest range of products to a variety of markets including air-conditioning, ventilation, appliance manufacturers, commercial refrigeration, heating, industrial, lighting, IT / telecom sectors, medical and transportation industries. ebmPapst has over 15,000 different products in its catalogue, making their portfolio the most comprehensive in the industry.

ebm-papst’s investments in R&D and constant improvement to maufacturing processes have lead to innovative technologies that set new industry standards. Its GreenTech® philosophy reflects a simple but clear goal that goes back to their company principle: “Each new product that we develop has to be better than its predecessor in terms of economy and ecology.” Combining high-tech electronic intelligence with advanced motor and aerodynamic technology, ebm-papst is also uniquely placed in serving the fast-paced world of modern electronics and the cooling requirements of smaller components and tightly integrated circuits. ebm-papst is now also the world’s largest supplier of AC and DC fans for electronic cooling, and has been aggressively developing powerful and efficient mini-fans to solve cooling problems.

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