Established in 1995, Taiwan-headquartered Bolymin Inc. is a well established OBM and ODM supplier of small to medium size industrial displays. Bolymin are firmly founded on decades of leadership in LCD, LCD, LCM, OLED, TFT Display Module IPC (Industrial Personal Computer) and MDT (Mobile Data Terminal) manufacturing.

Bolymin’s expertise is evident in their next-gen, seamless, full-loop, COB (Chip on Board), SMT on LCM Assembly line processes. They provide OEM service for COB and SMT too.

Bolymin manufactures integral components for a wide spectrum of industries. Their cutting-edge portfolio includes state-of-the-art electronic components for medical, factory automation, industrial instrument, musical instrument, PoS, telecommunication, vending machine, MDT, security control, fleet management, car broadcasting and transportation applications.

Amar Radio Corporation, Bangalore (India), is an authorized distributor of Bolymin products and offerings.