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Alpha Wire is a leading manufacturer of high performance cables, tubing and accessories for a variety of markets. For over 90 years, their cabling solutions have been in use on factory floors around the world, offshore oil rigs, advanced medical facilities and even in lighter connectivity environments, no matter what extremes of temperature, oils and solvents, electrical noise or other hazards they must withstand. Alpha Wire boasts the broadest range of AWG sizes, conductor counts and shielding options. Their flagship line of Xtra-Guard® High-Performance cables offer superior performance in demanding environments, while the relatively new EcoGen™ product line offers an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional PVC wire and cable. Their Alpha FIT® line of heat-shrink tubing and wire management offers reliable ways to seal and protect electrical and electronic wiring. With 12 product families encompassing more than 50,000 products available worldwide, Alpha is uniquely positioned to provide the right product for any application. Amar Radio Corporation, Bangalore (India), is an authorized distributor of Alpha Wire products and offerings.